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Air museum in Osiek on the Noteć river


Тип блоку:

    Outpost piles examples of people's architecture Krajny and Pałuk and partially northern great poland's < great poland >, construction in (to) from forest it Noteckiej. Objects placed on area on turning-point of (ravine of) may 13 ha.

    Skansen museum has been subordinated in (to) over on law of (as of right of) departments of (squads of) district museums in saw Osieku Notecią. Restoring of (recuperating of) life of traditional village is purpose of museum in basin Noteci. Skansen museum piles different exhibition articles, it is possible to see that in ethnographic museums, and also old country construction shows. Endowment of (outfit of) individual barrage (stockyard) shows and chat (hut). Museum of people's culture has to illustrate old match of village, planning of habitation as well as show construction techniques generally on this field on turning-point (ravine) XIX taking a stand and XX century (age). Museum systematically is enriched about new architectonic objects. Shows of traditional country occupance (studies) are presented within the confines of educational activity, e.g. product of oil (butter), production of corn coffee, on mincing of seed (grain; kernel) , bread.

    localization-imgсхема проїзду:

    Dworcowa street 10
    89-333 Osiek nad Notecią
    провінція: WIELKOPOLSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 53.1199,17.2887