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Aquapark Laguna


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    We guarantee a good time, relaxation and, first of all, extensive leisure opportunities.
    The most essential attractions of The Water Sports Centre "The Laguna" include the following objects of complex: -Sports swimming pools - We make available to you a sports swimming pool which is 25 metres long with the water temperature of 28,5 degrees Celsius. -Swimming pool with the sea wave - The object which is 0,0 to 1,5 m deep was equipped with devices for the artificial wave production. -Swimming pool with salt water, so-called "Salt water spring” - An external object of the diameter of approx. 10 m, the average depth of 1,3 m with always warm water of the temperature approx. 35 degrees Celsius. -Swimming pool with "Artificial wild river” - The object of an irregular shape, approx. 1,2 to m deep with the water temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. -The swimming pool of the diameter of approx. 10 m and the average depth (1,3 m) with the installed underwater massage devices. -Slides - The indoor slide „The Black Hole” 72 m long. -Swimming pools - paddling pools for children (20 to 60 cm deep) -Sauna "HOT- HELL"

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    Wodnika street 1
    74-100 Gryfino
    Широта і довгота: 53.244917,14.487361