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Aqueduct on the Grand Canal of the River Brda in Fojutowo


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    This aqueduct, built according to ancient Roman techniques, is a unique attraction of the Tucholski Forest and the Fojutowo Kayak Trail that runs through it.

    This historical example of water technology architecture is modelled on ancient Roman design. This aqueduct, unique in today’s landscape, was built in 1848 during the construction of the so called Grand Canal of the River Brda – an artificial section which linked parts of the River Brda that was meant to facilitate the irrigation of the surrounding area.


    The original aqueduct made possible the crossing of two waterways: Czerska Struga (flowing below) and the Grand Canal of the River Brda (flowing above). It was 75m long, making it the longest structure of this type in Poland. To build the canal a natural obstacle had to be overcome, a deep ravine with the River Czerska Strua flowing at the bottom. A bridge was built over the gorge where the upper part was the artificial riverbed of the Grand Canal of the River Brda. At the bottom, at an angle of 90 degrees, flows the River Czerska Struga through a tunnel made of stone and brick.

    The aqueduct and canal were built to transport drinking water and to irrigate the surrounding fields. For 160 years it has served its function whilst also providing an interesting tourist attraction in the Tucholski Forest region. It is worth adding that there are two further aqueducts on the Grand Canal on the River Brda but these are much smaller.

    Aqueduct on the Grand Canal of the River Brda – Fojutowo (woj. Kujawsko-Pomorskie)


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