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Archaeological Reserve in Biskupin


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    The most well-known archaeological reserve in Central Europe, with the remains of the fortified settlement of the Lusatian culture, which lasted from the Middle Bronze Age, ca. the 14th century BC to early Iron Age, i.e. ca. the 5th century BC.

    The settlement was discovered in 1933.

    On the island with an area of about 2 hectares there was an oval-shaped town, which consisted of more than 100 households with an average size of about 8x10 m, arranged along the eleven streets, with a width of approximately 2.5 m each. It is estimated that the settlement was inhabited by 600 to 1200 people. The settlement was surrounded by a wood and earth embankment, 3-4 m wide and 6 m high, with a gate. Castle was surrounded by a breakwater with a width of 2 to 9 m, built with diagonal pickets.

    The excavations helped to reproduce history of the town. Most of the construction work was carried out on the mainland, and prepared items were transported to the island - it is an evidence of the high level of organization.

    Biskupin is one of the few archaeological sites in Poland, which contain the full-scale reconstruction of the ramparts, breakwater, gates, streets and residential buildings.

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    Biskupin street 17
    88-410 Biskupin
    Широта і довгота: 52.7877107512817,17.7351951599121
    факс+48 523025420
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