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Artus Manor House


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    Stately building of the south side of City Market is joined to the mystery of Middle Ages "Bussinessman Club" so-called St. Georges Brotherhood. The mysterious meetings of rich company created  myths and amazing histories among gossips of Old Torun.

    Artus Manor House, standing on the south side of Torun Old Market, comes from 1891. It was built on former gothic Artus Manor House place according to the Rudolf Schmidt's Renaissance project. Last  ages he has undergone the general renovation.

    Today it is the seat of Artus Manor House Culture Centre. A big concert and bal hall and other less bigger rooms were well renovated following the example of 1891. In the former Artus Manor House was signed in 1466 the end of The Thirty Year's War between the king Kazimierz Jagiellończyk and the Order of Teutonic Knights. Second Torun Treaty or Second Torun Peace was made.

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