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Baj Pomorski Theatre


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    Architecture of Baj Pomorski as a magic cupboard stirs spectators' imagination. The new building of the Baj Pomorski is considered one of the most interesting theater buildings in Poland.

    Baj Pomorski is the only puppet theatre company in this part of Poland. The Actor’s and Puppet Theater has been active in Torun since 1945. From the very beginning it mainly focused on young audiences who were and still are given a chance to experience the beauty of the world of fairy tales, fables and legends. The company does not limit themselves to performances for children, however. A very important share of the present repertory is targeted at adolescent and adult audiences. Every year the Baj holds the International Puppet Theater Festival and co-organises the National Festival of One-Man Theater Shows.

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    Piernikarska street 9
    87-100 Toruń
    Широта і довгота: 53.0106,18.6119