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Baroque Church of St. Matthew


Тип блоку:

    Baroque Church of the 17th century, rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries

    A Baroque marble portal of the second half of 17th century, with the coat of arms Ossoliński Ax in the header, leads to the interior.

    The furnishings of the Church date from 1757-1797, and consist of late Baroque and Rococo altars, a pulpit, a baptismal font, benches and confessionals and an organ front. A valuable relic is also the Baroque painting of Christ Crucified from the 17th century located on the main altar.

    localization-imgсхема проїзду:

    Bł. Ks. Romana Sitki 3
    39-300 Mielec
    провінція: PODKARPACKIE
    Широта і довгота: 50.28363333,21.45063333