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    The commune of Biała invites to visit the battlements. Once the battlements defenced now people visit it.

    In Biała there are preserved 4 basic fragments of battlements: 1. Fragment by Władysław Reymont Street, 2. Fragment by Szkolna Street, 3. Fragment by Góra Wolności Street (nearby the parochial church), 4. Fragment by Wałowa Street. Within the battlements there are 8 towers preserved, semicircled and rectangular ones. Apart from that, You can read traces, in form of fragments of wall, remains of former Nyska gate by Góra Wolności Street, nearby the castle's complex (previous studs houses). source: www.biala.gmina.pl

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    48-210 Biała
    провінція: OPOLSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 50.3863,17.6604