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Big Synagogue


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    It is worth to see Synagogue in Leczna, which is one of the most beautiful in Poland.

    Big Synagogue was built in the mid-seventeenth century, the temple was renovated and rebuilt several times. During World War II, the Germans used it as the grain warehouse. After the war the synagogue was destroyed, and in 1952 there was a decision on demolition. The property has survived only thanks to the fact that there was no money for demolition.

    In the years 1954-1964 there was a general refitting of the synagogue, after which it became a seat of the Museum of the Lublin Coal Basin. Currently it is the seat of the Regional Museum.

    The Łęczna synagogue is one of the few facilities of the Jewish cult in the Lublin area, in which the interior is preserved - Aron ha-Kodesh and unique in the country, four-column bima with the two-tier setting, decorated with stucco on the characteristics of the late Renaissance and polychrome. Leczna Synagogue is one of the most beautiful in Poland.

    Next to the synagogue there is a lapidary of tombstones with engravings and inscriptions in Hebrew.

    localization-imgсхема проїзду:

    Bożnicza street 19
    21-010 Łęczna
    провінція: LUBELSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 51.3071,22.8832