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Bory Tucholskie National Park


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    Dyrekcja Parku Narodowego "Bory Tucholskie"
    Długa 33
    89-606 Charzykowy
    провінція: POMORSKIE

    To the east of Lake Charzykowskie is the “Bory Tucholskie” National Park, created in 1996 from the most valuable parts of Zaborski Landscape Park.
    The total area of the Park is 11.857 acres. Its central part is the so-called “Seven Lakes Stream” or a row of beautiful tunnel-valley lakes: Ostrowite, Zielone, Jeleń, Bełczak, Główka, Płęsno, Skrzynka, Mielnica. Particularly precious are the lobelia lakes which take their name from a rare water plant, lobelia dortmanna. The lakes are known for crystal clear water. The dominating ecosystem in the park are pine forests. Also, great areas are covered by subcontinental lichen pine forests with many a rare species of lichen. The most precious species of birds include: crane, eagle owl, erne, northern golden-eye and kingfisher. As for mammals – 8 species of bats, beaver and otter. The quality of nature and landscape of Bory Tucholskie have contributed to the nomination for a future World Biosphere Reservation.

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    Długa street 33
    провінція: POMORSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 53.7366,17.5123