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Warta Estuary National Park


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    Park Narodowy Ujście Warty
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    The rich flora and fauna, including 250 species of birds, are of the greatest pride of the Warta Estuary National Park.

    It lies in the western part of the country at the confluence of the River Warta with the River Odra and is the youngest national park, established in 2001. The park only has an area of 8,037.6 hectares but is one of the most important sites in Poland with regard to ornithology. The emblem of the park is the grey goose. There are 500 species of plants in 60 prepared sites. The landscape of the park is predominantly open fields and pastures with outcrops of willow cut by a network of canals, waterways, rivers and backwaters.

    Forests and woodland only account for 1 percent of the protected area. The park is primarily a sanctuary for 250 species of bird, of which 170 species breed here. The flood plains of the park are a refuge for moulting birds and also an important resting place for thousands of migrating birds. Nesting birds include gulls, terns, grebes, ducks, Greylag geese, plovers, rails, aquatic warblers, swans, cranes, herons and many others.

    Other species only use this area as a stopping point and in autumn the flood plains host thousands of ducks, geese and cranes. Tourism in the park is associated with bird-watching, which is aided by marked paths and observation points.

    Warta Estuary National Park (woj. Lubuskie)


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