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Water mill at Thiel's.


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    The mill of Żędowice has been in a family since 1864. Despite misfortune when in 1930's the flood destroyed part of houses and 20 years later the fire burnt part of the mill, the architecture of the farmyard has been preserved up till now.

    It is the only mill of this kind in the area. All machines and devices have been preserved in original condition. Part of the monumental mill is available for visitors. The economical situation and convenient location by a river have made the owners installed a water turbine and transform the mill into small hydro-power station in 2000. In this way, the Thiel's became one of the few people and institution in the area who use alternative sources of energy.

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    47-120 Żędowice
    провінція: OPOLSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 50.5826811,18.5134045