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Water Mill in Tuczki


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    The mill in Tuczki is an attraction for lovers of history and those interested in occupation of the miller.

    The mill belongs to the owners of the agrotourist farm "ECO" company - Margaret and Peter Hillar. It is situated on the river Wel (in theWelski Landscape Park). The monument comes from the 19th century (1880) and is still in use today. The mill fulfills two functions: it is a source of electricity and grinds grain into flour. The Hillars grow spelt, rye and buckwheat - the grain is ground in the mill. The milling process is a very interesting phenomenon.The mill produces wholemeal, wheat and rye flour as well as buckwheat grout, and rye and wheat bran, crushed grain  of wheat and rye.

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    Tuczki 35
    13-220 Tuczki
    Широта і довгота: 53.3541,19.9614