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Water Park Tropikana


Тип блоку:

    Water Park „Tropikana” constitutes a perfect entertainment for children and their parents, and a wonderful way of relaxing after work.
    Water Park “Tropikana” includes: -a recreation swimming pool with a wave (length: 15 meters, width: 12 meters, depth: up to 1,6 meters) -a sports swimming pool (length: 25 meters, width: 12 meters, depth: from 1,6 meters to 2,3 meters) -three swimming pools with mud, magnesium and calcium hydromassages which will improve one’s mood, blood circulation, soothe the pain of muscles and joints and assure entire psychological and physical relax -twin lane water slide -paddling pool for children (depth: up to 40 meters) -three saunas: two dry and one steam -salt cave -snow and ice cave.

    localization-imgсхема проїзду:

    Pałacowa street 7
    15-064 Białystok
    провінція: PODLASKIE
    Широта і довгота: 53.132333,23.170111