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Water tower in Skorogoszcza


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    Water tower in Skorogoszcza and functionally associated pumping station were built around 1910.

    Buildings were erected for the purpose of distillery and grinding mill expanded at the time. The whole property belonged to the von Kerssenbrock, daughter of Schaffgotsch from Kopice. Water tower and pumping station building were built on a plot adjacent to the garden surrounding their summer residence. In 1925, the Count property in Skorogoszcza already had its own water supply. Water was drawn from three wells and transported by pipeline to the well near the pump. After pre-filtration water went through pipes into a tank located on the top floor of the water tower.
    In 1976, the tower was put out of operation and since then it fell into ruin.
    Since 1997 it has remained a private property. Documentation work was conducted and it was found that the tower and pumping station are a valuable example of the technical achievements of the then owners of the land. Talks and tours with children and young people are conducted to understand the need to restore the monument better. Water tower in Skorogoszcza at Zamkowa Street no. 33 is to act as a lookout tower and museum exhibition, illustrating the history of Skorogoszcza and surrounding area.

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    Zamkowa street 33
    49-125 Skorogoszcz
    провінція: OPOLSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 50.7601127625,17.6831417084