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Waterfall in Zloty Stok


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    This is the only underground waterfall in Poland which, with special illumination, provides visitors with an unforgettable experience.

    One of the main tourist attractions in Zloty Stok is the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy of Gold in the valley of the Zloty Potok. It displays collections connected with the history of gold mining and countless articles relating to the exploitation and processing of the gold ores and arsenic. A very interesting excursion, recommended by the museum, is to the “Czarna” adit where visitors can see a 10m high underground waterfall.

    The entrance is in the upper part of the Zloty Jar. From the cross-sections of the tunnels and their supports visitors can learn about the various mining techniques used over the ages. The trail to visit the adit is shorter than the one in the mine. In the centre of the excavation is the 17th century mine shaft with a metal staircase that descends to a depth of 23m.

    A short walk along a curved tunnel is the high-ceilinged underground chamber with the largest underground waterfall in Poland. It is 10m high and one of a few underground waterfalls in this country. A colourful lighting effect on the falling water enhances the charm of this sight and the characteristic noise of the falling water is amplified impressively by its surroundings.

    Gold Mine in Zloty Stok (woj. Dolnoslaskie)


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    Złota street 7
    Złoty Stok
    провінція: DOLNOŚLĄSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 50.440018,16.875021