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Watermills in Bondyrz


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    Unique water-mills from the early 20th century can be found in Bondyrz. Having been preserved in an excellent condition are real pearls of wooden architecture.

    The River Wieprz, which is 303km long, flows largely through the town of Roztocze through which it meanders and has many falls. In olden times it had many watermills. Some have survived to this day and, thanks to modernisation, are still working but are no longer powered by water but by electricity.

    In this landscape there are two preserved mills in the village of Bondyrz, in Roztocze Srodkowy, in the district of Adamow. Here, between the wars, there was a factory making wicker furniture, two paper mills and one watermill, which dated back to the beginning of the 19th century. A few years later a second watermill was built. Both have survived in a good condition and one of them – the older – has recently been completely renovated along with all its accompanying buildings. The attention is drawn to the set up of the water wheel, a rare sight today.

    In Bondyrz can be found the Modernist wooden Church of Divine Providence built between 1948 and 1949 in the Zakopane style and designed by Adam Klimek, a second watermill with a farm of „Roztocze” trout and the Historical Museum of the World Union of the Polish Army. In Adamow there is still a manor house and a wooden watermill built in 1936.

    Watermills in Bondyrz (woj. Lubelskie)


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