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Wielkopolski Palace in Chroberz


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    Late-classical palace was built by marquis Aleksander Wielopolski in 1850 according to plans by Henryk Marconi on the site of a former manor house of Tarnowski and Myszkowski families. Interior holds old ballroom, hunting room, dining room, old chapel, and an extensive library.

    It was created primarily in order to accommodate an extensive collection of books and collection acquired from a friend of the marquis, Konstanty Świdziński. Located in an interesting landscape park sloping towards Nida, it has a characteristic main facade with a central projection with columns surmounted by an attic with statues, adorned with the coats of arms of the Wielkopolski family (Old Horse) and Myszkowski family (Jastrzębiec).
    Interior holds old ballroom, hunting room, dining room, old chapel, and an extensive library. The right side of the palace was used for the reception of guests. In the former hunting hall - living room, and now the Regional Gallery, one can enjoy four portrait medallions with images of successive owners of the palace, by Andrzej Pruszyński. This ballroom was the venue for the scene filmed in Odolany for the movie "The Coming Spring" directed by Filip Bajon. The administrative part of the palace is the former private office of the marquis Wielopolski and the library. The original marquis desk and bookcase survived to this day.
    The palace is surrounded by a park in the English style with many monumental trees: London planetree, centuries-old Japanese ginkgo and linden. There is also a historic chapel modelled on the pavilions at the castle in Książ Wielki, designed by Marconi.
    Today the palace houses School Centre of Heritage and Rural Tradition of Ponidzie that provides the palace to visitors.

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    Parkowa 14
    28-425 Chroberz
    провінція: ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 50.4235219314522,20.5520457042603