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Wiliam Horzyca Theatre in Torun


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    The white theatre building welcomes the tourists coming to the Torun Old Town from the north side. In the evening the splendid illuminated building architecture looks yet more dignified.

    The theatre building was built in the 1903-1904 according to the project of Ferdynand Fellner and Herman Helmer - outstanding Vienna architects. They got the building the eclectic forms, reffering to the neo-baroque but also with the Art Nouveau elements on the windows. In the 1901 before the theatre entrance were put two Ernest Herter's sculptures: Melpomena's tragedy muses (with the sword in the hand) and Terpsychora's dance (with the lyre). The first theatre performance took place on the 28 november 1920 in the prime minister Wincenty Witos presence. In the 1960 the theatre got the name of the outstanding director Wiliam Horzyca who lead it in the 1945-1948. Since 1959, the Theatre Festivals of the Northern Poland took place there - it was transformed in the 1990 on The International Theatre Festival "Contact".

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    Teatralny place 1
    87-100 Toruń
    Широта і довгота: 53.0125111796206,18.6036622524261