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WITAL Health Resort


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    Total: 480
    Number of rooms: 200

    The health resort “Wital” is situated by Gołdap Lake, in the heart of Puszcza Romnicka (virgin forest).

    The hotel and treatment base is located at the “Robinson” building, the adapted Goering’s former headquarters. The hotel offers accommodation in rooms with complete bathing and toilet facilities. The pine and spruce forest surrounding the building creates a special microclimate. The kitchen gives a chance to taste the regional cuisine and special diets. The offer includes the “1000 kcal” diet which quickly reduces excessive weight and obesity. The visitors use the state-of-the-art and comprehensive treatment facilities which provide them with comprehensive and safe treatments with great results. The health resort specialises in treatments of the organs of movement, upper and lowers respiratory tract, circulatory system and the psychosomatic illnesses.

    localization-imgсхема проїзду:

    Wczasowa street 7
    19-500 Gołdap
    Широта і довгота: 54.332505,22.321029