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Wojciech Bogusławski Theatre


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    Traditions of Kalisz theatre belong to the oldest ones. The oldest theatre festival in Poland takes place here.

    The building existing today is the fourth theatre of Kalisz. It was built in 1919-1936 in accordance with Czesław Przybylski`s design. A neoclassicistic building situated on the Prosna River, on the edge of the Town Park. Now it has a name of the national theatre creator Wojciech Bogusławski (1757-1829), who along with his troupe was performing many times in Kalisz. The tradition of a permanent theatre stage, originated by performances of Bogusławski`s troupe, continues to this day. Since 1961 one of the oldest theatre festivals in Poland – Theatre Meetings of Kalisz, have been held here among others.

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    Bogusławskiego place 1
    62-800 Kalisz
    провінція: WIELKOPOLSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 51.7799,18.0696