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Wolin National Park


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    Woliński Park Narodowy
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    Unique animal species, ancient beech forests and stunning seaside cliffs are all adverts for this park.

    It is located in the north-west corner of the country, in the Baltic Sea, in the centre of the largest Polish island of Wolin. The park was created in 1960 and currently occupies an area of 10,900 hectares. The landscape of the park is characterised by the high coastline (cliffs) and the ones on Wolin are some of the highest and the longest. In places they have been eroded by the Baltic waves which have formed dunes along the coast further to the east.

    From the side of nature, special attention should be paid to the precious beech forests which have within them interesting species of flora including sea holly and honeysuckle which grow to several metres in length. The great peculiarity is the several dozen orchid species that flourish here. The world of animals is unique on this island. The white-tailed eagle nests here and is also the emblem of the park.

    In addition, there are also other species including owls, shelducks, aquatic warblers, foxes, roe deer and buzzards. A closed breeding reserve for bison was founded here. Holiday resorts with many hotels, not far from the national park, are used as a base allowing tourists to explore the park by the many sign-posted trails.

    Wolin National Park (woj. Zachodniopomorskie)


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