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Wolsztyn palace


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    Total: 45
    Number of rooms: 21
    Apartments 1

    In the northern part of the city, at the Wolsztyńskie Lake. [A.Plenzler; Castles, palaces and coumtry mansions; Poznań 2007]
    In the middle of the park there is a palace built in 1911 (with the use of the walls from the previous building dating from 1845). It was burned down in 1945 and rebuilt in the 1960’s. It has recently been renovated. Today it hosts a hotel and the only "Spa & Wellness" centre in Wielkopolska. The palace was constructed in the so-called ”national style”, according to Roger Sławski’s design, for Stefan Mycielski, the owner of Wolsztyn at that time. The simple body of the multi-storeyed palace is preceeded by a monumental six-column portico crowned with a triangle pediment containing the coat of arms of the Mycielski family – Dołęga. The palace is surrounded by an English park. [A. Plenzler; Castles, palaces and coumtry mansions; Poznań 2007]

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    Drzymały street 4
    64-200 Wolsztyn
    провінція: WIELKOPOLSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 52.119095,16.117032