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    Hand-made manufacturing of crystal glass is a very laborious process which is slowly disappearing.
    We invite you to see all the production stages and get to know the WORLD OF CRYSTAL.
    Our guides will help you learn our history and magic of crystal glass production.

    In 1866 Friedrich Wilhelm Heckert the godson of the emperor comes from Berlin to Piechowice (former Petersdorf) and builds the refinery which specializes in the treatment of the chandeliers? parts and in the production of crystal mirrors.

    In 1889 the Fritz Heckert?s glassworks is built. From the glassworks? advertisements it appears that the glassworks produced coloured and crystal glass, which were ornamented with paintings, gildings, polishings and engravings. The greatness of the glassworks in Piechowice is subscribed to German and Bohemian masters of glasswork.

    In 1923 the Fritz Heckert?s Glassworks in Piechowice joins to the JOSEPHINE Glassworks and Kynast Kristal Neumann & Staebe in Sobieszów entered into joint-stock company called Jo-He-Ky AG. Since this moment on the two biggest glassworks in Karkonosze are represented by one trade mark JOSEPHINE and together win the worlds' markets.

    After World War II when Silesia is handed over to Poland, Josephine with its two glassworks in Szklarska Poręba and Piechowice continues its production. Polish glassworkers and adornment men learn from their German masters.

    In 1958 the Josephine crystal glassworks in Karkonosze, takes the Polish name: JULIA. From this moment on the glassworks is promoted in Poland and on many markets of the World. In 2000 the glassworks in Szklarska Poręba is closed. Julia factory becomes the only existing memorial after famous Josephine factory.

    In 2000 the factory in Szklarska Poręba was closed, so Julia in Piechowice is the only living remnant of former Josephinhütte within the old walls of Fritz Heckert?s factory.

    We invite you to visit our factory shop. We offer a great variety of crystal glass products at attractive prices.

    For years we have been cooperating with Polish and international glass factories, so our varied offer will surely satisfy the most demanding modern and traditional tastes.

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