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    Total: 136
    Number of rooms: 72
    Apartments 2

    The Hotel is located in the town of Wysowa Zdrój and is surrounded by forests, mountains, is near Krynica Zdrój and the border with Slovakia.

    Guests can stay in comfortably fitted single and double rooms as well as double and triple suites. Each room has a bathroom and telephone. Easy access to each floor of the “Wysowa” Centre is ensured by a fast and safe elevator. Within the “Wysowa nad parkiem” Centre, high quality rehabilitation services in the scope of spa treatment of cardiovascular diseases and psychosomatic disease are offered as part of the Human Health Institute. Recreation facilities are also offered. Four modern tennis courts and lighting, a basketball court, two pool tables, two bowling lanes and table tennis are offered. Moreover, sleigh rides, horse riding, excursions, hunting and the Beskidy safari are organised on demand.

    localization-imgсхема проїзду:

    Wysowa-Zdrój street 95
    38-316 Wysowa-Zdrój
    провінція: MAŁOPOLSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 49.441582,21.172575