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    There is a village in Poland where the whitewashed wall of houses, barns, and dog kennels are covered by many coloured painted flowers.

    The village is Zalipie where the tradition of painting cottages in this way goes back to the beginnings of the 19th century. Today in the village there are around twenty such painted houses; many others can be found in the surrounding region.

    The tradition is upheld each year in the first week after the Feast of Corpus Christi, when a competition is held for the most beautifully decorated cottage.

    Throughout the whole year the painting of cottages, done mainly by the women of Zalipie, can be admired at the farm of Felicja Curylowa, which is affiliated to the Tarnowski Museum Zalipie, Dom Malarek (House of Women Painters)

    localization-imgсхема проїзду:

    33-263 Zalipie
    провінція: MAŁOPOLSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 50.241278,20.849694