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Zaurolandia Dinosaurs' Park


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    Dinosaurs' Park ZAUROLANDIA is a place where one can travel back in time for millions of years. You will see life-size animals that lived long time ago in different regions of the Earth.
    Tourist trail winds along a lake shore. During your nearly 2 km walk you will not only see rconstructions of natural size reptiles, but also you will have a chance to broaden your knowledge about dinosaurs' habits, continental drift, probable reasons of dinosaurs extinction and many more.
    You will also find here: Museum of Paleontology, audiovisual room with numerous films and well equipped library as well as large playground, barbecue bars, souvenir' shops.

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    Kolejowa street 99
    88-420 Rogowo
    Широта і довгота: 52.72625,17.660833