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Żmudź Nature Reserve


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    The Reserve is located about one kilometre outside of Żmudź and was founded in 1980 on 5.81 ha of land.

    The main goal of the area is to protect the unique erosional structures on the slopes of chalk rock formations and the diverse species in xerothermic plant communities.

    In the Reserve there are 122 vascular plant species, including seven strictly protected species: erect clematis, bugbane, pheasant’s eye,

    Snowdrop anemone, star gentian, golden flax, white helleborine and four species being under partial protection.

    Special attention should be brought to golden flax. This rare species has the richest stand in Poland in reserve area. The reserve includes the Russian captive’s cemetery dating back to World War II.

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    22-114 Żmudź
    провінція: LUBELSKIE
    Широта і довгота: 51.0493,23.6302